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I think the desire to paint was always there, at least I cannot remember a time when the first inspiration came. I have always drawn and painted. Art lessons and instructional courses gave me experience with many different materials but the main volume of work only started with Airbrush painting. The initial works were rather modest, although everyone had seen a lot of Airbrush work it was difficult to obtain good materials.

Despite many small setbacks my interest in Airbrush art remained. In 1999 I attended the Airbrush exhibition in Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) and met the Institute for Art and Art Therapy (ibkk). It was then that I had to make an important decision.

Therefore I began my training as an Airbrush designer. In the course of time I learned the use of different materials and undergrounds. The increasing variety of materials available gave me even more inspiration and ideas. The Airbrush, the brush, coloured pencils, sponges and masks are now all the tools for my works. Nearly all of my works are done using the so called "mixed technology".

On the 21.05.2004 I obtained my Diploma in Airbrush design.

Now only the limits of my own fantasy will be my boundry.

International Art Society ORCA

Member of International Art Society ORCA - Airbrush-Show.com


The name is a byword for colours and engineering. Sometime I started my paintings digital, sometime more traditional. So that's the name.

The Diploma-Picture: Das Objekt der Begierde (The Object of Longing)

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